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How to Plant and Grow Crocus Flower? How to Care?

What is Crocus Flowers?

Crocus is a genus of 90 very closely related plant-life belonging to the lily family that grows on stems. While they are naturally found in fields, choose native species that flower in the fall or the winter rather than in the spring. They have been popular as ornamental flowers across Europe and in England, the name “crocus” is derived from the Greek word meaning flower. In fact, there are now seven recognized native species across the four counties of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Jersey.

When and Where does Crocus Flower bloom?

Crocus flower bloom
Crocus flower bloom

The crocus flower grows up to five inches tall and has golden yellow/orange blooms. The terminal flowers develop in a cluster from six to nine and the interspersed flowers form a loop with four flowers around the opening. The blooms open to show six oval-shaped petals and the whole flower looks quite stunning.

How to Water Crocus Flower

The flowers can be watered directly from the garden hose, although keep in mind the soil will probably need a quick splash to get the water into the flour. It’s not a good idea to over-water, as the roots will rot. Instead, water the flowers evenly throughout the day, remembering to water the interspersed flowers equally. The soil should also be watered lightly before the flowers bloom.

How to Care For Crocus Flower Plants

Crocus flower images
Crocus flower images

Most crocuses are hardy plants, and are excellent candidates for coastal landscapes, in addition to indoor planting. They don’t like extreme temperatures and can tolerate some shade, so the area where they are planted should have milder weather. You can feed them every couple of weeks using a commercial fertiliser, providing the plant has been prepared appropriately. Regular watering will ensure that the plants grow healthy, with the blooms coming through each season,

This plant is included in the Odontaceae family of plants, which means it is native to the UK. A quick search on the internet will reveal other varieties of the same name, and you should be able to locate them easily in your garden center or nursery. If you are uncertain of the spelling of a word or term, check the internet site page, or ask a friend who speaks the language. In case of confusion, a reference citation needed is as follows: “Crocus maxima var. quinquefolius”—please add “quinquefolius” at the end of the citation.

How to Plant and Grow Crocus Flower

These plants are native to the coastal regions of Turkey, Greece and southern Italy, however it is now becoming popular around the world as an ornamental flower. You should not have any problems growing this flower, especially in an area that has cool temperatures during the hot summer months. It has been known to form huge masses in coastal areas, which look very romantic against the blue waters. The flowers usually appear in April, although the exact date may vary depending on the type of plant. A standard reference citation needed for planting is as follows: “Crocus maxima var. quinquefolius”—please add “quinquefolius” at the end of the citation.

Crocus flower images 2
Crocus flower images 2

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