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How Passion Flower Grow? And How to Care?

What is a Passion Flower?

It grows well in moist tropical and subtropical climates. They are in the mulberry family, Brassicaceae. The flowers, which are white, petalled, are normally small, one-inch wide. The blooms rise and fade during late summer through early fall.

Where does a Purple Passion Flower Grow?

Passion Flower images
Passion Flower images

The plant is native to Central America but now it is common all over the world. It is a drought-tolerant plant that prefers full sun. In fact, most Passion Flower varieties are planted in full sun, but there are some hybrids and trees that do prefer partial shade during the flowering season.

When, Where and how to Water a Passion Flower?

Needs only occasional watering, once or twice a week, especially if it has been trained to root on fences, walls, trellises or other ornamental features. When you prune them, cut back the branches so they do not get too close to the fence or other features. When the flowers bloom, they will go into a blossom tube, which has tiny thorns on the interior that tear the flower open. The juice is sweet and will cover any conditions in which it lands. If you want to eat them, water them right after the pollination, when the resin inside the flower has almost dried out.

How to Care for Passion Flower Plants Indoors?

These plants are very hardy and will tolerate most conditions. If you have grown them in pots, you can bring them indoors in the same way you brought them in the garden. You can place them on windowsills, in hanging baskets, and in potted flower pots. You should report them once a year as needed, or as the weather changes. Repotting indoors is easier if you grow your Passion Flower plants in groups, so you can divide your plants and give each plant its own pot.

Passion Flower images 2
Passion images 2

Most of your watering should come just before or just after the flower blooms. If your plant seems thirsty, don’t overwater. Overwatering will cause the stem to wilt. If you live in very hot climates where the temperatures rise to above eighty degrees, you should keep your Passion Flower roots well watered while the flowers are blooming.


If you want the maximum amount of flowering from your Passion Flower plants, you need to prune them often. Make sure you get rid of all dead and damaged branches. Cut the roots back about one inch at a time. Remove all the flowering shoots as well. Be sure to always report the plants with new potting soil when you do this.

Passion Flower images 3
Passion images 3

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